Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The living is easy this summer. I have a few workshops I am going to. I am tutoring and have even managed to cook a few times. Yes, Summertime is here and the living is sure easy at the Sanders' Casa.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Lord and My God

I am just finally calming down from of an amazing Easter Weekend. It began on Good Friday sitting under the teaching of David Platt. I was part of a simulcast called The Secret Church. It challenged me in ways that rendered me speechless most times and took me several days to process what he taught. He is a brilliant man of God and I did realize I am reading the wrong books. Visit secretchurch.org to see what I am talking about.

Then Sunday at church we had a great service based on our members "Cardboard Testimonies." On one side people wrote about their lives before Christ or perhaps something they struggled with then on the other side they wrote what God did in their lives. I was singing or attempting to sing in the choir so I didn't show one on the stage but mine would have said Side A: Devastated by death and divorce Side B: Jesus Restored my Joy and Life. This was an amazing way to celebrate Easter with my church family.
The title of today's blog are the words of Thomas the disciple after he saw the hands and feet of Jesus. I cannot begin to comprehend what Jesus did for me on the cross but those are the words I do understand. My Lord and My God.

There has been more devastating weather in our world this time it is here in the states and I pray that God gets our attention and we listen to what He has to say. There is a lot of devastation I am praying for those involved and I also pray that we, as Americans, pay attention to His call.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

So Valentine's day has now been over for exactly one month. I don't have any feeling one way or another, however the V Day party on Monday made for the longest week since creation. I had one suitor and he made me a cake and brought over a card. The problem is I do not have an emotional connection with him. Now there is another friend in Dallas that I may or may not have spoken about before, He is a sweet guy but not ready for a "relationship." He is so stinking cute but again not anything to write about. {Edit: there may be something soon but for now...} We had something before in a past life but now we are good friends. A friend of mine said "you don't need another buddy" last week but she is wrong. You can never have too many friends. That's how we increase the kingdom for God by iron sharpening iron. As I sit here in my friends house in Dallas, I got 3 phone calls from friends from home while I was here, I love those friends and had I not let them in my life as "buddies" they wouldn't have been there to encourage me I needed it. I mean, seriously, my dog died this week. They all knew how much I loved her.
Anyway, this is the 3rd time I've attempted to finish this post, and now it it is almost spring break. Praise God for Spring Break. I am so ready.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


...I also want to get married. I want kids and I want a Chocolate Lab or Doberman.

I also am restless again. I have no idea what is in store. I have been restless for a year or so and have no idea what or why I am. But my theme so far this year is Be Still! Yep that is the cry. Be Still.

As a teacher I have the luxury of having 2 “new years “ One in January and one in August. That means that I also have 2 end of the years. So right now I want to be still at least until the end of the year May and then recalculate and see what happens next.

Today I have been challenged more by the question: What is my Motivation? Is it by the Joy of God or the joy of man?
Listen to John Piper's message from Passion Atlanta. HERE

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creative Expression

Last week my friend and music pastor challenged us to express how we feel about the Lord. I do not write songs or paint or anything really but I do have a story to tell about the One who saved me and redeemed me. I have been through some challenging times within the last five years and God has shown me that He is all I need. Thus the reason for the title of this blog. I have recently been studying the names of God and I have seen how he has made Himself known to me in so many ways. He has been my provider; Jehovah Jireh, He has been my healer; Jehovah Rapha, he has seen my problems as El Roi; he has been my sufficiency; my El Shaddai. One of the names of God that has stuck out the most to me is the Lord my Shepherd; Jehovah-Raah. As one of His sheep I must be totally dependent on Him. He gives me peace, rest, protection and love. And I love the fact that He is all of that to me and more. Thanks for asking us to reflect on Who God is to us. There is so much more to tell and I can't wait to share.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


First update is about my Uncle Keith and Brad. The "wedding" was moved up several months to this month so my dilemma of not going to his wedding wasn't even an issue. I get to watch his doggy Ruby for the 2 weeks they are gone and will probably see pictures when they get back. Glad that I am not even going to have to make the decision about attending or lying about the reason I'm not going. He seemed happy so I just made sure I told them I loved them. Please pray for opportunities for me to show him the love of Jesus and how He is the only one that can satisfy us.
2nd update: I have been asked to help lead kids worship at church for about a month. I have been on praise teams before and I love serving in that area but now, because of different circumstances going on, I have been asked to help in that area as well. So, today was my 1st day and I had so much fun. I am still a bit nervous about singing in front of kids and adults but it is all for the Lord. I spent a lot of time preparing, praying and practicing but now that I know what it really involves I have to do so much more. God is so good and now He has shown me yet again how I need to depend on Him.
Update #3 I have been sick since July and after 2 months I finally feel so much better. I have had stomach issues and I firmly believe that God is my healer. I am so thankful for His healing touch. He is my Jehovah Rapha.

So, I guess this post is about How Great my God is. I love how the more I know about Him the more he shows me of himself. HOW GREAT IS MY GOD!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Closed Doors and Open Windows

I am a bit hard headed and God usually has to take drastic measures to get things through my head. Some doors have been closed today but some windows have opened. I had been praying for clarity and now I have it. Again! I love how God does things. I am blessed and I know it. God is amazing and what I am doing now is waiting for him to show me even more. I am an open book and God is writing my story. It feels good to let go of some things that I thought, I thought was what I wanted but God knows what I need and how dare I not take that. Anyway, another lesson learned and this time no money was spent. ;-) Thanks God.